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Shulman Law Offices in San Jose, CA has an experienced bankruptcy lawyer and a dedicated staff who are always ready to serve you. We go out of our way to ensure that you completely understand the bankruptcy process before filing your case.

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James S. K. “Ike” Shulman

“My commitment is to help each client work out a personalized solution, and do it in an atmosphere that is welcoming, informational and stress-free,” he says. “I’ve intentionally kept my firm at a size where I can give my individual time to each and every client I represent.”

When a new bankruptcy law went into effect in 2005, Ike quickly immersed himself in the new law and was selected by NACBA as one of a handful of trainers to educate over 3,000 attorneys on how to practice under the new law.

“The new law put up a number of roadblocks to keep working people from getting a fresh start,” Ike says with passion in his voice. “But we have learned to work with the new law, and are achieving excellent results for our clients.”

Ike and his wife Margaret, a retired special education teacher, live in Silicon Valley and have raised their family there. Ike is also a dedicated San Jose Sharks fan.

Ike Shulman Bankruptcy Attorney
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Ike was interviewed on NPR for a story on bankruptcy filings in 2009.

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American Public Media
On July 15, 2011, Ike was interviewed for a story on American Marketplace on how to avoid foreclosure.

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Network Journal/San Jose Mercury News
On May 12, 2011,* Ike Shulman discussed how homeowners, including his clients, are using a provision of the bankruptcy code to eliminate second mortgages.

*Also published in the San Jose Mercury News on May 9, 2011

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Washington Post
Ike Shulman was quoted in a front-page article in the Washington Post on the abuses of credit card companies.

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Augusta Chronicle
Ike Shulman discusses the rise of bankruptcy filings

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Christine Bechler

Christine Bechler has been Office Manager at the Shulman Law Offices for more than 25 years. She is the first person you will meet, advising you what information to bring to your appointment and scheduling your initial appointment. She will also work closely with you throughout the bankruptcy process.

Christine has met thousands of Silicon Valley residents who are having financial difficulties and finds her role in developing solutions for clients tremendously rewarding.

“The great pleasure of my job is being a part of the change that takes place in our clients,” she remarks. “As they get relief from the stress of financial problems, you can see them relax and enjoy life again.”

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Christine Bechler