Can Bankruptcy Stop Creditors From Garnishing My Wages, Taking Money From My Bank Account?

Hi, this is Ike Shulman of Shulman Law Office. If you fall behind on your debts, your creditors might sue you and try to garnish your wages. This can make it impossible for you to pay other bills, or even pay your rent or mortgage. Should you find yourself in this situation, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy may be the best option for you.

As soon as you file for bankruptcy protection, an automatic stay on collections goes into effect. This will suspend most debt collection actions against you, even a foreclosure sale or lawsuits filed by your creditors. Once your bankruptcy case is completed, all or a majority of your dischargeable debts will be eliminated. This also means that your creditors cannot garnish your wages anymore.

Bankruptcy, however, cannot discharge certain types of debt, such as child and spousal support and garnishments for tax debts which are not resolved through the bankruptcy can resume after the bankruptcy case is completed. If you have any questions about bankruptcy, contact me at 408-297-3333 or by email at